Salary Expectation 💸

Demand salary like a professional

Here are a few things to consider when the interviewer asks about your salary expectations:

Early stage 💡:

    1. Seek More Details 🧐: During the early stages of the interview, like the technical round or pre-technical round, if the interviewer asks how much salary you are expecting, simply say, “I can’t answer that now; I would need more details for a precise figure.” If they ask for what more details you want, then say, “I really want to know more about the company, its culture, roles and responsibilities, job hours, benefits, etc., in detail before providing a specific salary expectation.”

    2. Ask About Their Range 📊: If they insist on knowing your salary expectations, ask them instead if they have a salary range in mind for the position you are applying for.

    3. Give a Wide Range 🎯: If they don’t provide a number or a range, and you also “don’t want to risk losing the job”, offer a broad range so that your salary expectation fits within the range they are offering, and you won’t be eliminated immediately. For example, if you have 1 year of experience as a QA Engineer and your salary expectation is 45K Nepali Rupees per month, you would say, “My salary expectation is somewhere around 30K to 60K.” Suppose they are planning to offer, or HR has a budget of 30-40K for that role; in this case, you fit within their budget. However, if you provide a specific number like 45K, you might be eliminated as you don’t fit within their budget. There’s a chance that if you perform exceptionally well in the interview, they might increase the upper limit from 40K to 45K or may be even increase it to 50K at a later stage.

Later Stage 🏁:

During the HR round, if the offer is much lower than what you expected, clearly explain why you are seeking a higher salary. Clearly express the value you can bring to the role, how it justifies your requested salary, and how it aligns with industry standards and your living expenses. Similarly, if the offer matches your expectations (for example, 45K), don’t rush to say, “I accept the offer.” The salary they have offered might not be the upper limit. To confirm, politely inquire if it’s possible to negotiate a bit higher and explain the reasons for your request.