Enhance your QA knowledge in just 11 Days

1. Manual Testing

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of software testing. It is recommended that you take detailed notes as you progress through the material, as these notes will be useful when you begin working as a QA engineer.

Est. time: 7 Days [1.5 -2 hours daily]

2. API Testing

This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of APIs and how to test them using the POSTMAN tool. By the end of this course, you should have a solid foundation in API testing and be able to effectively utilize the POSTMAN tool.

Est. time: 1 Day [Approx. 2 Hours]

3. Performance Testing

In this course, you will get good understanding of Performance Testing and JMETER Tool for Load and Performance Testing.

[Note: In the 2nd video JMeter 2021 Masterclass, I suggest you to watch till “1st JMeter Test” i.e. 28:57]

Est. time: 1 Day  [Approx. 2 Hours]

4. Test Automation

Learn test automation using Cypress and write your first test.

[Note: Before proceeding with Cypress Installation, ensure you have Node JS and VS-Code installed on your machine. Also, it is highly recommended to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript before starting Cypress, if you want to learn JavaScript refer this course Javascript Tutorial for Beginners – Test Automation]


Est. time: 1 Day  [Approx. 2 Hours]

5. Scrum

In this course you will get a better idea of Agile (specifically Scrum) methodology for Software Development.

Est. time: 1 Day  [Less than an hour]

Bonus: Free Certification on Cypress

Want to get a free certification ? Visit Test Automation University and signup.  Complete the course below, answer a few questions, gain knowledge as well as get your free certification and add it in your CV as well as LinkedIn profile.

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